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Circular No 790

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Caracas, 24 December 2016 No. 790
Dear Friends,
This is the issue for the Christmas cards that I get from you.
1 January 2017
Dear Ladislao
Jon Golding ( has sent you a Jacquie Lawson e-card. If you haven't heard of us, you'll be pleasantly surprised! Our e-cards are known for their artistry and gentle humour.
Also a card from
Your greeting card from George Iwaskiewicz
Daniel de Verteuil
12 Jan (2 days ago)
Hi Ladislao,
Correction on the photo of the Class of 1960:  #21 is Daniel de Verteuil not Dennis.
Bye for now,
Daniel de Verteuil
Don Mitchell
Thanks, Elspeth,
And a Happy Christmas to you and Richard too. 
You have galvanised me into rushing to complete our Christmas letter, and I hope to get it out in a day or two once Maggie has finished her proof-reading :-)
Keep well both of you.
O'Connor Elspeth <>
Yes, our number is 61-08- 93645800 but I think when dialling from overseas you leave out the 0 before the 8,  
Ladislao Kertesz <>
Dear Elspeth,
Do you have a telephone number??
O'Connor Elspeth <>
Many thanks for all your emails and news during the year. 
I try to get Richard to write something for the Mount newsletter with no luck. 
He has very fond memories of Mount and particularly the Scouts and made some great friends while there. 
It is good that you all keep doing what you do as we also have an Old Girls Association from my old school, The Assumption Convent, in Ramsgate, Kent but we are all getting to the entrance of the Pearly Gates soon!
Richard keeps well as you can see in the newsletter but has the occasional bout of sciatica.
He comes to exercises (with a physiotherapist) every Monday and is the only man there now as he is with his Lifeball to which he keeps going.
He also walks half an hour every day which keeps him fit.
He would love to give up driving, and I do most of it now, but I encourage him to do what he can for as long as possible. 
His joy is his grand children and building jig-saws but now has to get up every half hour to avoid the sciatica. 
One keeps the mind fit the other the body! 
Unfortunately, Leary has now been diagnosed with dementia but he is still able to drive to his block of land, about 12 kms away as he knows the route well and he is as happy as anything there, so hope that does not come to an end too soon, but it will I think. 
Gillian is having difficulty adjusting to having to make so many decisions but the children have rallied around and are a great support. 
Everyone getting older, including me!
Attached is our newsletter in case you can glean something from it. 
God Bless you all. 
laszlo kertesz <>
12/23/16 at 6:15 PM
Don !
I do include about 10 emails addresses taken at random from the list, when I send a new Circular.
The purpose is to eliminate those addresses that get bounced during 2016.
I just copy the excel email address and past in CC. 
Then about a couple of days I check those that are not deliverable and make a note.
I am sure Kazim does not do this,
Happy Winter Solstice Day, may the god, or supreme deity favour you in the following year
12/23/16 at 7:21 PM
Okay, that is fine. 
But, if you want to do that, the best help would be to send emails to those in Venezuela, as my circulars to the Venezuelans about your circulars are nearly all bouncing. 
I’ll complete the list of email addresses and send you a note later.
Keep well.
PS:  Solstice day was great.  It is my job to cook the turkey on Sunday coming.  All I know how to cook is barbecued steak.  So, we are offering our guests a 7-lb tenderloin that I shall marinade in red wine and rosemary for 24 hours, and which I shall name “turkey” :-)
I have the following on the spot information on the Event, Fr. Christopher has been kind enough to have sent the following report. This time the oldest e mail is in first.
From: "the-mount" <>
Date: 16 Aug 12:11 (PDT)
Dear Ladislao,
As you know the 1st Reunion and Dinner of the old Abbey Boys Association took place yesterday, 15th August 2003, at the Centre of Excellence.
About 100 hundred people attended, including about 8 monks and some of the former teaching staff, among whom most prominent Miss Kitty Marcus (88).
It was a most enjoyable evening.
Several of those present commended the work you have been doing in sending out Newsletters.
Some of us, including myself, feel your work and tireless efforts are not being appreciated enough.
Thus this little note of encouragement.
Keep it up. Even if we do not respond as often as we should, many, I can assure you, do enjoy your regular newsletters, even the abbot who you took to task in your last one.
By the way this same last one was inadvertently deleted from this computer before I had a chance to print it.
Kindly mail it to us again.
Many thanks, very best wishes and hope to meet you in the living flesh at the 2nd Reunion (or before).
God bless.
Fr. Christopher
Caracas, 29 of August 2003.
Dear Fr. Christopher,
Thank you for the email and the lines on the event.
Please give my apologies to Fr. Abbot.
My worry from the start was that there would be not enough publicity for the EVENT.
I had sent Miguel Gonzalez, the Circulars since I received his email address in March.
First I thought it was a hoax, and after I sent out Circular No.87 I got a reply, too late to make a decent publicity to the Circulars readers.
With No. 91 I did get a lot of replies.
I always thought that there must have been interaction with the priests of the Mount, but no answer from there, so this was my complaint.
This is the first email from MSB, after 93 Circulars, so you might gauge my worry.
Well, the important part is that the EVENT was successful and there is a hope for 2nd EVENT. God Willing.
Please ask Fr, Cuthbert for Fr.Francis and Fr. Paul´s address at their retirement home in Holland.
Also I ask you to have the circular passed to Fr. Benedict, Fr, Augustine, Fr, Cuthbert and all the others that have made these Circulars possible, thanks to have been part of MSB and the Abbey School.
Please inform me if you need old Circulars, and send me the number of the one that was deleted, so that it can be replaced.
Can you send me the name of the oldboys that you did recognize at the EVENT.
Also the 8 priests that assisted, there were brothers also??
God Bless
The old memories remain:
Lifting Mr Lionel Tyrell's old Morris 8 automobile and carrying it up the steps to the lower classroom landing hallway. (He never found out who did this but we all got flogged anyway)
Do you remember "Toots"? We used to spray ink on the back of his suit when he walked by in the isle of the classroom.
I really felt sorry that we all did this. Poor fella.
Then there was the freshman initiation as a new student started school, they had to be thrown into the bougainvillea hedge with all the thorns. ouch.
That really hurt for days after.
Smoking in the bathrooms and getting caught every time.
Throwing the compass point at the blackboard while the teacher had his back turned.
And the Dean of Discipline....I was in his office every day it seemed like getting my ass caned.
(Amongst all of this, I managed to get an education somehow.)
I now live in the USA and would really like to get info from time to time., however you won't be able to fax me because it will be a long distance call for you.
Is it anyway possible that you can e-mail stuff to: ??
I used to hang out with the Costello's, Rostant's, Russell Cuhna, Gregory Farfan, Bruce Hutton, The Kirtons and de Pass boys, so that should clue you in to my era (now 53).
I have been asking around for awhile now as to what ever happened to The Abbey School and all its records.
Do they have a web site that I can go to and do research on old student lists?
Let me know your response.
Please keep in touch
Paul de la Bastide
EDITED by Ladislao Kertesz,,  if you would like to be in the circular’s mailing list or any old boy that you would like to include.
57UN0001CLASS,  This photo has no takers.  Sorry for the blemish.  it was received this way
07SA0219EDIMSB, Shower and bathroom at school
62TF0003RACEGRP, podium with Terrence Ferreira
12LK6171FBAGA, Alexander Garth

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Circular No 789

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 17 December 2016 No. 789
Dear Friends,
Here is the address of the Caribbean Association in Australia.
Maybe a source to find Mount Boys??
I believe that Esmond Lange was its president some years ago.
FYI info on CAA -
Ladislao Kertesz <>
Dear Douglas,
In the list of old boys you appear as Da Fraites. 
As surname, is it correct?
I am missing the Form V graduating date no matter where you graduated, so that I may place you with your classmates.
The same with your brother Anthony.
Need the home address for both and telephone.
Do you correspond or keep in contact with other oldboys???
Can you give me 51 word essay on your CV for the Circular.
I need it to keep the Circular alive a little longer.
God Bless
Ladislao class 1960
Douglas Fraites <>
Hi Ladislao,
Sorry for the delay in getting you Tony’s e-mail address. 
He does not have his own but uses his wife Eileen’s. 
Please send the bulletins to:
I speak with Eileen regularly and she told me Tony is looking forward to the bulletins. 
I have already passed on the ones you sent me. 
Best regards,
From: Charles-Henri Dunoyer de Noirmont
Sent: Thursday, November 3, 2016 10:36 AM
Subject: RE: First Abbot - Mayeul de Caigny
Dear Old Boy.
I read your message about Joël Blandin, who was at Mount St Benedict with me too, along with another Frenchman: Deleuze, ( I forgot his Christian name ).
I have a picture of Blandin and myself, plus some of my cousins, taken while we were vacationing at Chantal and Guy de Pompignan's estate, located at Mayaro.
I had taken Blandin for some days there, since he had no family in Trinidad.
Guy de Pompignan was the brother of my grandmother: Elizabeth Agostini, who lived in Port of Spain, 145 Henry Street.
Could you give me more details about his death, i.e.  approximative date and  location?
Best regards
Charles Henri de Noirmont.
I will try my best to find something about him..
David Bratt <>
How are you?
Just to let you know.
My articles are available on my professional Facebook page: The Bratt Office.
Maybe you could let the Boys know?
Thanks, Keep safe!
David E Bratt CMT, MD, MPH
Trinidad& Tobago, West Indies
(868) 622 9146
Twitter: @docbrat1
From: “Peter Boos" <>
Date:18 Apr 04:42 (PDT)
Hi Ladislao,
I will try and get the information on Steven Tempro and John Dulieu that you requested.
The only Mount old boys with who I am in contact are Jon Golding and Jean de Meillac-both in Trinidad.
I believe Jon has been in contact.
Jean works for Terra Caribbean in Trinidad.
I hope that helps.
Will get back to you on the others.
Happy Easter.
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 12:04 PM
Caracas, 17 of April 2003.
Dear Peter,
Thank you for your report and your details.
I shall place it in my archives.
Are you in contact with other old boys?
If so please tell me their names so that I may include them also.
Since you are in Barbados please give my regards to Steven Tempro, owner of Smugglers Cove, if possible take a photo or two of them and the hotel. I want to include my personal friend in the circular.
Also if you have a little time to spare, contact Helen Air, Capt. John Dulieu, owner of the airline, who is also an Old Boy from the Mount,
Again I have no information of him or photo.
Maybe he would like to advertise his airline.
I know that I am asking you a big favour but the circulars must keep on for a few issues again.
Without articles I am dead.
God Bless
On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 07:31:18 -0400, "Peter Boos" wrote:
Hi Ladislao,
My name is Peter Boos, a first cousin of Nigel.
I live in Barbados and work for Ernst & Young.
I married Jan Hunte, a Barbadian, in 1969 and we have two children and a 2 year old grandson.
I was born on 29 April 1945.
Thanks for including me on the distribution list of your very impressive circulars on Mount, of which I am of course an old boy.
The picture of the class of 1958 is a copy of one that I also have and I am #3 in the back row.
I believe Rolph Hive is #4 to the right of me.
It cannot however be the class of 1958 as I left Trinidad in 1957 to go to school in England.
I believe this would have to be 1955 or 1956 as after the Mount I went to CIC for 9 months before leaving for England.
I hope that helps.
Congratulations on the excellent work you are doing.
From: "Peter Boos" <>
Date: 5 May 05:27 (PDT)
Hi Ladislao,
I was born 29 April 1945.
My Dad wanted me to "succeed" and tried hard to make it happen!
His philosophy was based on the "tough love" model.
I was at MSB for a relatively short time-no more than 2 years.
I left around 1955,went to St. Mary's College for a year then went to the Oratory School, a Catholic Public in England from 1957.
Several other boys from Trinidad went there too including Bernard Bermudez, Gordon Siegert, Richard Pierre, Aelred and Stephen Plimmer.
I graduated from the Oratory in 1963 and stayed on in London to study to be a Chartered Accountant, which I achieved in 1968.
I returned to Trinidad in 1969 when I married my Barbadian wife, Jan.
Left Trinidad in 1970 to live in Barbados.
Have resided here since but visit Trinidad regularly. Have 2 children, Lara and Christian and a grandson, Luke who is 2.
Today I am Executive Chairman of Ernst & Young Caribbean.
My telephone number is 246-435-6733 at home.
My address is Hillcrest, Golf Club Road, Christ Church, Barbados.
Will try and send a picture.
Please remind me who you wanted me to contact.
From MSB I remember Richard and Randall Galt, Roger Henderson, Michael Herrera, Michael Howard (great sprinter), Jean de Meillac.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes,
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 4:21 PM
Caracas, 3 of May 2003.
Dear Peter,
I have made the change to Accountant, thank you.
Please send me corrections when needed.
I even took the not msb line note off. This was Nigel’s input a year ago.
Now that we are correcting, please tell me if you did or would have graduated in 1955? as the list says.
Do you have any telephone number?
A photo or two?
Did you contact those that I wrote you last?
God Bless
On Fri, 2 May 2003 08:13:38 -0400, "Peter Boos" wrote:
Hi Ladislao,
Please note that I am a Chartered Accountant, not an Architect.
I had sent you a message some time ago.
Did you receive it?
Congratulations on the outstanding job you are doing for the old boys of Mount.
I had a really great visit here at the Mount and had the privilege of meeting Fr. Cuthbert in the Pax Yogurt factory with its manager/Director Abbey School Alumnus, Maxime De Comarmond and I gave him your kind regards.
He beamed from ear to ear (really prominent ears).
Today is the Feast of Sts. Maurus and Placid, the names also given to Frs. Maurus Maingot and Placid Ganteaume, the first local vocations to the Monastery in Trinidad.
Today is also the 55th Anniversary of Abbot Hildebrand's Monastic Profession and the 17th year since Bro. Ian St. Louis died.
Let's pray for many Caribbean vocations to the monastic way of life; the life of the enclosed, solitary life that influenced our own lives in the Abbey School and through the kindly, paternal ways of our former teachers.
EDITED by Ladislao Kertesz,,  if you would like to be in the circular’s mailing list or any old boy that you would like to include.
60UN0001CLASS1960, last photo of the class with name correction
57UN0001CLASS1957, Last photo of Class 1957 check the date the photo was taken 1955
03LK0001PBO, Peter Boos and guests
04LK0002FFR, Fr. Francis Friesen in Holland